March 6, 2019

Even with a mounting pile of papers to write and class practice, etc. I’m still choosing to spend my time working on other projects (and being sick). I picked up some oven-bake modeling clay and some sculpting tools recently. I haven’t broken into it yet and started playing around, but I have been making plans and brainstorming for what I want to sculpt.

I want to do work with teacups — which I’ve thought about before in a different context. I’m visualizing sculpted ornaments to hang and attach to teacups. I’m thinking of the final pieces in context of both ornamental and practical purposes. I’d like to do more than add my sculptures to tea cups for tea drinking, though if I can engineer it right, I think that would be fun too. I’m trying to think outside the box for other fun uses, like bird feeders, etc.

I’m also returning to a previous idea I had about marketing young bonzai Jade trees in teacups. I think adding a sculpture components to the plantings would turn out really neat. Along the same thinking, I’m considering incorporating sculpture with pots and other garden things! I’m pretty excited to get started!

Anything I make in three dimensions, of course, will need a different model of sale than our prints due to the nature of the work. This might lead us to reopening the Etsy shop once I have a handful of pieces to list. We’ll have to discuss our options.

I need to play around some and maybe make a few prototypes first before I sink too far into the idea, but I think it will be really neat once I get started. Hopefully, my sculpting skill hasn’t dulled imensely from years of non-use….

– Kecheri

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