March 5, 2019

Yikes! It’s March already! It really feels like the year is slipping by quickly…

For me, classes started for the spring semester. I’m taking a course on fingerspelling & ASL number use and a course on American Deaf culture. So far, both classes have been going well. We’ve missed a lot of school already this semester because of the weather. It doesn’t help both my classes are night classes, so even on days the day classes are held, they’ve cancelled evening courses because of ice, etc. Which is a pain, but at the same time, has been fine by me because I’ve been fighting off another cold combination again. Winter is the season of Kecheri being generally ill and consequently in a slightly sour mood…

The fingerspelling & numbers course is both fairly easy and really difficult at the same time. Easy because I’m taking it with a number of previous ASL courses under my belt while others in my class are on their first classes, so the teacher has to gear class for the students who have taken fewer classes. Difficult because both numbers and fingerspelling are ridiculously difficult for me to read because I just need a lot more practice. With natural language acquisition, fingerspelling is learned as a whole movement first, and as a combination of parts second, but that is not the way it’s taught to older students who are learning ASL as a second language. We learn it as individual letters first, and as a movement second. I tend to get hung up on single letters and can’t reach the subject through spelling out of context, same problem with spoken spelled W-O-R-D-S. The only way to get better at it is to practice more and more, not just recognizing the signed letters, but actually practice with spelling when I’m not writing. With my writing, my spelling issues cleared up after I started writing stories and things so regularly. I need to do the same kind of practice off the top of my head if I’m going to get anywhere with this class.

The culture course is a hybrid class, so I’m only in the classroom every other week on Thursdays. It’s a long class once we’re there, about two and a half hours, and there is a lot of work to keep up with, but all in all, it’s been pretty interesting. The on-and-off schedule messes me up a little since I tend to procrastinate so badly. So this week (meeting in class) I’ve got due two chapters worth of reading, typed chapter notes, a news analysis, a feature story review, a cultural comparison film review, and an art presentation tying into a cultural aspect I was expecting to do NEXT week. Which is a lot and I’m kind if freaking out about it, but I’m also not really worried because I always finish classwork before it’s due, always have…I had just managed to delude myself with my previous classes at the community college that I had finally overcome my chronic procrastination.

Whoops, turns out, it’s as bad as always, and so, I’m going to stress myself out to get things done for the foreseeable future.



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