March 21, 2019

We finally got over being sick and were hit with some pretty nice weather which got us inspired to pick up the apartment and get a few things settled. The place feels much more like home with more art up on the walls and things generally more picked up.

Namely, we managed to clean up the studio room, so it’s now functional! We have wanted to get the studio into working order since we moved in, but one thing always leads to another…but! now it’s organized better and much more usable!

Eric went out and bought a big, put-it-together-yourself set of black plastic shelves that we fit most of our project supplies on. It fits two sets of baskets deep per shelf. We nearly filled the shelves, which got a bunch of stuff off the floor which awards us more space, and which let us move some things around in a way that makes more sense. So now, we’ve got more open floor space, organized desks, more readily available art materials, Eric can get to his drawing table, and we just have more usable space in general.

Whew! Cross that one off the to do list!

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