September update

So, about a month from deciding to try and update the site more regularly, I finally both remembered and found time to write something out.

This last month slipped past so quickly. I feel like it was August yesterday and then got all my September bills and realized the month is almost over. I don’t know where all that time went.

I’ve been working more on my Mystery Kids story, trying to figure out what plot I want to stick with and working in the necessary plot details. I worked on the story during most of my shift today, since my job has quieted down significantly this month. (My boss promises it’ll get busier during the holidays, but for now it’s pretty quiet.) I’m feeling pretty psyched about the storyline and want to start writing for it tomorrow. Writing the story is easier for me than planning a bunch ahead of time and trying to fit it together, so I want to give myself time to start spilling onto the page and develop the story as I go, which always works well for me with first drafts. Briefly, the general idea of the story goes about as follows:

Following three kids and their personal investigations following the death of a classmate to discover what happened to her, they uncover a covert and insidious project. As they each pursue their own investigations, they run into one another around town and recognize that for reasons unknown, each has similar memories and strange abilities all linked to memories past, present, and future. They find themselves sucked into the intricacies of an organization involved in covert human experimentation for reasons yet unknown. The kids find allies and enemies in unexpected places as they search for answers and try to connect with other victims of the Alpha Project.

I’m hoping to have some writing done ready for editing before the start of October.

— Kecheri

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