Mid-May update

It’s mid-May and well past time we start making new products!

With the end of classes now behind us, the move still upcoming, Eric and I have been kept pretty busy, but we’re starting to fit in more time to work on projects and our stories. Most importantly, the more time we have to work on our art and stories, the more well have to get out soon!

Eric has started experimenting with a wood burning kit. He’s been turning his beautiful bird illustrations into burnings and figuring out what works best. We’ll maybe have a few of those up on the shop this summer. The burning effect really makes his illustrations pop.

Additionally, Eric’s gotten further into writing it his comic, Harlow. The comic follows the adventures of a man stranded on a distant planet and his interactions with others stuck there as he searches for justice, a new life, and a way home. The story is really starting to take shape, and we hope Eric can find time to start illustrating it soon.

My classes have finished, giving me more time to work on art projects and my own stories. Currently, I’m working on a painting for my uncle and then I’ll be right back to the shop. I have plans to also expand into works on wood, though maybe not the same as Eric has started. I’m designing ideas for birdhouses and plant boxes among other things.

As for my own stories, I’ve been working hard to shape out an idea for my story nicknamed RCIA, following the adventures of an arguably unlucky group of young people who are drawn into the supernatural happenings in their town. Faced with a mysterious death, town secrets, aliens, government cover-ups, too much caffeine, and one very harrassed night manager at the Dive, this young group will certainly have more than enough adventure to share by the end of their Summer.

All in all, we’re poised to start working double time as the weather gets better and the days get longer. We’re excited for the season and hope you’ll enjoy the new work we have to get out in the shop.

– Kecheri

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