Late-April Update

One month into the second quarter of the year, and admittedly, we haven’t had much to show for it business-wise, but! with the Spring season in full throws and Summer fast approaching, we will be getting our butts in gear.

So far this year, I have been working to settle into the routines of my day job and finishing up my semester at the community college and an online course. My day job at the spice shop has been going really well. I have good hours to fit my schedule and my boss an I get along pretty well, which is particularly good since the shop is only him and me. I’ve oriented myself to running the shop on my own now, and I’ve found that I enjoy the work. Only working three days a week on a consistent schedule also helps.

As for class, I’m finishing up my ASL II course pending an in-class interview to test working fluency and one more Deaf-event. The Deaf history course is also coming to an end with one more quiz and a final project which I’ll be focusing on CODAs. Both classes have gone really well and I’m confident about finishing up this semester. I am wavering a little on my decision to stick it out for the certificate in ASL though, since my motivation for learning has not been to become an interpreter or go into education. I’ll have all summer to think it over before registering for Fall classes, so I’ll have time to decide if I want to continue for the certificate or shift my educational focus to other things.

On that note, I’ve started getting back on track with my original plan coming out of college to pursue an M.A. in psychological counseling, particularly because I’ve found a couple programs to receive an M.A. completely online which would work much better for me to schedule around. Currently, I’m trying to get back into the comfort of studying psychology by taking a Coursera class called Schizophrenia and Its Treatment, taught by a professor from Wesleyan. So far its gone well and I’m excited to get a certificate of completion from the course when I finish. Its a small step towards counseling, but it gets me back into the rhythm of working with psychology again. I should be able to finish up the class within the next two weeks, so that’s also going well.

Eric is also settling into a new role at his work where he’s been given a new full time position title coordinating rentals and filling in where he’s needed through the transition. His week schedule will be changing and it will end up looking much more like my current schedule without two proper days off in a row. Regardless, things seem to be working out well there, despite some hesitations. Also, the children’s book he illustrated is officially going to be released sometime in May, after the long, drawn out publishing process. Eric is also getting further on track with his comic Harlow, hopefully ready to begin illustrating panels soon. We’re very excited to see it come together.

Most importantly! Eric and I will be moving in mid-June to our own apartment! The move will be taking up a lot of our focus and energy for a while. We need to pack, coordinate the move, do paperwork, get proper insurance, and all that fun new apartment jazz. We’re very excited and itching to go though, so it should all be fun and go relatively quickly.

So that’s our current situation pre-Summer.

Once Summer arrives, I’ll be out of class, we will have moved, and hopefully we’ll have some more free time to devote to the shop and our artwork. I’ll have Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday open on my schedule once classes end, so I’ll be spending much more time writing and working for the Etsy page. I think late-Spring and early-Summer is a good time to jump back into regular artwork production and a good time for local outreach. In town here, we have a number of art festivals that start up in the Summer, and while many of them are primarily geared to run on the weekends, which will be largely impossible with our work schedules, there are some at other times we could definitely sign up for. We still also want to do outreach with local businesses and possibly even sales through the art gallery where Eric works.

All in all, Summer should be fun and new changes will be coming to the shop and definitely to our lives. I hope to have some new shop news for the next update, which preferably will not take so long for me to make. I haven’t been very good at keeping with regular updates, but as we move into the new season and things start lightening up, I will definitely be committing more time to the shop and the blog.

Right now, we still have a number prints available of traditional art, Eric’s fantasy linocuts, my line design pieces, and cards up on the shop. More will be coming soon!

Thanks for sticking with us.

– Kecheri

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