February update

Yikes, it’s been a fun month and a half of 2018 so far, and I’ve really fallen behind on blog updates. So let’s see if I can get it all down now.

Eric has started full-time at the art gallery. There’s some adjusting time to be sure, but he’s handling it well and fitting in some art work time around the schedule. Energy levels are hard to maintain with forty hours of physical work, but he’s managing it well!

He’s written more of Harlow! I read what he has up of the comic the first night after we started hanging out last January, and I’m very excited to read more! He spends a good amount of time fleshing out his story and once he has the panels drawn I’m sure we’ll have it up somewhere for everyone to enjoy. Eric’s pretty secretive about the plot, but I suspect it will be interesting.

As for me, I got a new part-time job at the end of January. I now work twenty hours as a store manager for a spice and tea shop selling dry ingredients. So far it seems like a good match for me job wise — laid back, quiet, with some exciting days thrown in.

On top of that, my classes for this semester have started. I’m excited to get more signing experience this semester. My class is fairly small and more of a conversation class than a lecture. The history course online is also going well though I can tell I’ll need to be on top of myself and be sure to do my reading and classwork even when I don’t go in. It’s my first official online course, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve started sketching some concept ideas for a comic I hope to work on periodically in addition to my stories. (I commonly take on too many projects and responsibilities. It’ll shake our.) It’s a concept Eric and I came up with over Indian food at one of our favorite take out places. It’s called Wealth and Hellness and follows Zeke in his quest for employment at the encouragement of his best (and only) friend Krithi. When he finally lands the job, he starts to notice some odd things about the business and specifically his new boss.

Shop wise, we haven’t gotten all that much done this month. I have one ink piece framed and pending photography and listing. I’ll be selling the original piece so keep an eye out for it on the shop and others like it soon!

I also continue on the quest to find and purchase myself a proper scanner. Ive picked out the CanoScan LiDE120 flatbed image scanner. It should give me pretty high resolution scans, and fits within my budget of Christmas money gifted *specifically* so I could buy a scanner. Now I really just need to make time to go and look at it in person and then actually make the purchase.

All in all, it’s been a somewhat busy month, but we’re still working hard for the shop too! We’ll have new artwork up soon.

– Kecheri

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