Happy New Year!

Hello, 2018! New year, new adventures.

We hope that everyone had a good start to the new year. We started this year with a trip to the local coffee shop and a discussion about new projects, plans, and where we’re headed this year. All in all, we’re pretty excited to see what new opportunities will come our way, and already we have many projects planned out.

For my part, I’m starting a regimen of physical and online courses to bring me closer to completing my certification in American Sign Language and to become better adjusted to business financing, marketing, and management. I’ve broken out a fairly rigorous week schedule to be sure that I can actually finish different projects that I start across a range of interests. I will be working on the daily to work on (and preferably finish) parts of my art and writing projects everyday with some solid deadlines. Already, this plan of mine has gotten me in the zone with my writing and has inspired major progress on some art I’ve been meaning to finish up.

On that note, I’m happy to announce that we are a whole lot closer to coming out with our web comic in the new year. We still have not decided on a set date we’re hoping to have it published by, but we have the opening written and major parts of the story worked out. Eric has been working on some beautiful designs for our characters that really captures a rugged realistic feel to the fantasy tale. In the meantime, I’m finishing the writing for the first installment and practicing dragon anatomy to the best of my ability. We will update here when we are closer to a release date.

Another story we have been working out is a fantasy novel focused on political upheaval, morality, loyalty, and of course, adventure. This story follows the tale of three characters hoping to stop a global war between kingdoms. Jonah– a hated child of a small village who brings cursed bad luck to all those around him; Sycamore Fox– the trusted guide of many species, motivated by self interest as the last remaining one of his kind in the Orllewin Woods; and Deva Echel– the ambitious axe-wielding younger sister of her people’s most skilled ambassador. I am excited to get a first draft of this story finished maybe by April. The ultimate goal is to offer this story for sale through Amazon, but details pending until I have more written.

In addition to the story work I’ve been working on, both Eric and I have been crunching on our artwork. Eric is finishing inking and carving up a beautiful 8×10 linoleum print. As for me, I’m finishing inking my first! ever! linoleum piece, a line design focused around a raccoon skull. Soon I’ll be ready to ask Eric for a proper instruction/demonstration on how I’m supposed to carve it. It’s exciting to start the new year with a new art medium! Eric is also sketching out some new ideas for nature prints and illustrations. He is getting really good at drawing trees. I’m also personally looking forward to the completion of his crow piece.

This year, Eric and I plan to take Rocket Robin Prints into the “real world” as well! We plan to set up for local venues, art fairs, and craft shows in the greater Frederick area. The shows we’re looking at mostly start up in the Spring through the Fall. We’ll be posting more information as we become more sure of our plans. We would also like to run some special events, possibly art demonstrations, or even some discounted offers this year. We will post more details on those as well when we have more information to share.

I feel this year is going to be an exciting one!

– Kecheri

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