Mid-December Update!

The update this week is a little overdue, but we have gotten new products on the shop this week, including the cardinal painting and illustration card I designed, and the chickadee painting Eric made this week!

We’ve been pretty busy this week too, despite my claiming otherwise in the last post. We have a ton of plans we want to get out on the site here, around our town, and into motion! Namely, this week we got ourselves up on Facebook thanks to Eric’s hard work. Hopefully we’ll have more information to put up soon, such as craft event dates, publishing information, and project updates. We’re excited to have this additional option to reach out!

I’ve been not only working hard on production for my other shop, I’ve been fleshing out some fiction ideas that have been floating around in my head. It’s hard to make myself sit down for long enough to get any of it actually written out while I’m working on production for my other shop and managing things here, but it’s coming along nicely. One of these ideas is the adventure story we will hopefully be working into an ongoing illustrated series. We’ve been hashing out some character designs and overall plot points, and now I really just need to sit down and start writing it properly. But! I’ve got a start, and the rest should flow pretty easily from there. We plan to have the first installment of this story ready to post sometime early in the new year!

Eric’s been working on sketching out and painting some new art pieces and bird illustrations while balancing more hours at his day job. I’m really excited to see how they turn out. We have three of his bird pieces up on the shop now, even available as cards for the time being. I believe the new piece will be featuring the chipping sparrow. I’m plenty excited. Maybe one of these days I can convince him to make an illustration with my favorite birds, the North American crow.

We’ve also been touching up on our coding knowledge in order to make the site flow better. There is a lot we forgot or didn’t learn in the first place, but so far it’s been pretty easy to pick up and fiddle around with and we’re adjusting a piece at a time. Deciding on how we want the site to be set up and to run will be the hardest part of a coding overhaul, but we already have a site model in mind, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get there. We’re also getting more serious about securing our own physical space to work on our artwork and conduct our business.

This next week I’ll be heading out to see family, but I’ll be bringing things to work on while we all sit around and visit. We’re looking forward to branching out into craft shows in 2018 and have positive feelings of where we’re headed!

– Kecheri

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