First Order and Less Hectic Days!

We filled our first order this week!

After some minor hiccups in the printing process, we’ve worked out our system, successfully printed, and got the order out to our customer! So, while we had to take down a few listings such as a few cards in light of some problems we’ve caught, we’re very excited to have new cards up already to replace them! This is very exciting for us, and we hope that this marks the start of a trend.

To celebrate, we’ve been heavily working on more artwork to have things ready and up on the shop soon. I’ve been launching back into painting and playing around with a sort of collage idea, while Eric has been sketching new pieces and finishing up some digital work.

We also attended our first meeting as a real business. The local newspaper holds hour-long talks about different business topics, so we signed up to attend the talk yesterday. We learned so much moving forward that will hopefully help us organize our shop, social media, and public outreach to make our shop more user-friendly and more easy to navigate. We’re hopeful moving forward that we can make our site clear and easy to use.

And so! As always, we plan to have new fine art blank cards, paintings, and possibly more up on the shop for this week’s Friday Update. So drop on by and check out what we have new this week!


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