Start of December

We have had a BUSY last week of November! Eric is working a heavy week at his jobs, double shifts, learning new things he’s responsible for there, and trying to work out his schedule. I’m getting tied up with the end of the semester projects and papers, health care signups, and rushing to finish things for my toys and trinkets shop. We have been scrambling to get things up on the shop to start off the season. (Not to mention restocking paper, realizing that ANOTHER fish filter broke on my tank, a budding cold, and of course family time!) We hope things will begin to mellow out again soon, though I think we may be on a trajectory to more hectic times.

We wanted to offer art print cards for the holiday season. We’ve converted most of the prints available in the shop to blank card formats. We’re offering them in packs of 6. For the moment, due to Eric’s packed schedule this week, most of the files are still pending upload. We do have up card prints of some miniature skyscape paintings I painted earlier in the Fall. We broke them into three groups: Blue Moon, Cool, and Warm cards. We’ll have the other cards up likely tonight when Eric gets off his day job. I’m particularly excited to see the Cedar Waxwings on a card.

We’re hoping to get out some new artwork before the holidays as well. I’m going to sell the original miniature paintings once I get them matted, and have even been looking into new forms of art to sell, including line illustration inkings on blocks of wood. Eric also set me up for my first ever linocut that I want to finish soon so he can show me how to print it properly. I’m pretty excited to work on it with him. Eric has some new illustrations he’s working on when he gets a minute of downtime too, including his personal Christmas card for this year!

We’re also working hard on writing and illustrating a web comic we plan to publish through Tapastic. Currently, we have not set up a specific goal date to have it ready to start posting. Our quirky characters are starting to take form though both in their personalities and in their designs. If you are a fan of fantasy stories full of daring quests, deceits, adventure, and dragons, you’ll love our spin off of the traditional Knight in Shining Armor tale. I’ve already started writing the script and fleshing out our ideas for the characters, and I can’t wait to get the opportunity to sit down with Eric and start piecing together the narrative with the illustrations. And of course, we’ll likely be leaking some glimpses at our characters as we get closer to publishing. Stay tuned!

Eric and I are also starting to do some serious research into the various art shows locally. We’re thinking that a local booth with our art and my crafty things will be what we need to start boosting local sales and making our shop name known. We’ve talked about pitching our work to local coffee shops (which we spend too much time in anyway), holding booths at the big local art festivals, and maybe even ultimately aiming to have our work up in the local gallery where Eric works. With the new year approaching, we’re going to try and meet the deadlines for registering for shows in the Spring and early Summer. I’m excited to give it a shot. The art culture in this town is pretty strong, and I think we’ll see some success if we can tap into it. We still need some supplies and little necessities before we’re ready to set up a table at a show, but I’m sure we can get there and we definitely won’t be going in completely blind as to expectations since both of us have family who participate in shows. I’ve got a positive outlook on the prospects.

It has been a hectic end to November, and now as December starts is certainly not the time to slack off! We’ll keep on trucking and try to get more work done for the shop and get our prints out there and around town too. I’m looking forward to it and I’m excited about a lot looking moving forward!


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