Black Friday Touchups

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and today is another Friday shop update! We hope everyone here in the States had a good Thanksgiving and passed it well with their families. Both Eric and I spent the holiday with our families, but we haven’t been slacking on our production! We’ve been brainstorming, sketching, and problem solving our way through second helpings of pumpkin pie.

We’ve changed some of our options on prints available through our shop, RocketRobinPrints on Etsy. Our printing paper has been a bit of a discussion topic between us. Ultimately, we compromised to offer prints on both types of paper. So now, every print available on the shop will be offered on card stock paper as well as matte, fade-resistant, presentation paper. The new addition of the presentation paper will ensure that our products will be protected from some effects of aging. However, if you aren’t someone who is concerned by the effects of time or who has otherwise mastered temporal stasis we still offer our art on the original card stock option.

In addition to the new options on the prints already available through our shop, we have also added a new print today! Imagination One is another beautiful pencil sketch done by Eric. It can be found here on the shop. It depicts a small nature scene, complete with trees, birds, and broken stone wheels — the whole nine yards! Eric was inspired by our trip to Southern Vermont in August to make this drawing. While it is not an exact replica of anything we saw there, it still supports the realism present in much of Eric’s work.

We also used the holiday break to begin the planning for a web comic series we hope to publish in the near future. We started on character development and even worked out a basic plot line to grow from. If you are a fan of dragons, fantasy, humor, dramatics, and tales of deceit and adventure, our spin off of the traditional Knight in Shining Armor story will be a perfect fit for you. I personally am very excited to try my hand at drawing dragons consistently. As can be seen from my own work, I mostly excel at bone drawings, skulls, silhouettes, and fish, though I have been known to draw Eric’s leopard geckos fairly well. Attempting to draw a dragon in varying levels of detail will be a challenge, but I think it will be fun! The story is already starting to take shape, and of course, we will likely be leaking sneak peaks as we approach a date to begin publishing the pages. Stay tuned for more!

We have a few more pieces to finish up and ready for posting by next Friday, so as always, the week looks to be a busy one full of sketching, editing, and writing. We’ll post our progress through the weekend and as the week continues!

– Kecheri

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